Symposium in Rajecké Teplice

A symposium supported by Visegrad fund with the name Common steps to the preservation of the natural heritage of Carpathians took place in Rajecké Teplice (SR) on 1st and 2nd of March, concerned on the protection of the endangered capercaillie in the Western Carpathians. The main organizator was the NGO Prales (SK) with the partner organization Forests of Wisla (PL). The symposium consisted of two events – a conference and a workshop, on which participated scientists and experts from Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. The purpose of the event was not only the the exchange of information and experiences with the protection of capercaillie but also the agreement on suitable steps for the capercaillie friendly forest management in the Western Carpathians. More than100 people came during the 1st day to listen to the reports, there arose interesting discussions and exchange of opinions. The atmosphere was more intimate during the 2nd day at the workshop, attended by 50 invited experts. In the first part of the workshop, there was discussed a common plan of a project for the capercaillie protection for the ongoing 4 years in the Western Carpathians. In the second part the participants discussed and agreed on the concrete suitable steps of capercaillie-friendly forest management. The reports and outputs of the workshop will be published in form of a book of methodology. We believe that joint efforts by all the stakeholders from Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic and the application of suitable steps of management will help to stop the rapid decline of the endangered capercaillie in the Western Carpathians.

Events were attended by representatives of these organizations: Forests of Wisla (PL), Forests of SR (SK), Tatra National Park (PL),  Forests of Liptovský Hrádok (SK), Forests of Čadca (SK), Communal forests of Banská Bystrica (SK), Forests of TANAP (SK), The Capercaillie Conservation Committee (PL), Forest Research Institute of Baden-Wuerttemberg (DE), Office of conservation and forest planning – Dresden (DE), Ústav ekológie lesa SAV (SK),  Towarzystwo Ochrony Ptakov (PL), Forests of Jablunkov (CZ), Technical university in Zvolen (SK), Nature protection of Slovakia - ŠOP (SK), National forest center (SK), University of Life Sciences Prague (CZ), Birdlife Slovakia (SK) etc..

Thanks to all the participants of the symposium, to the Visegrad fund for the finantial support and to all members of the NGO Prales for their voluntary work which helped to keep a comfortable atmosphere throughout the events.