Všeobecný prehľad

1. Conference (1st of March 2012, Rajecké Teplice, SK)

A symposium with participation of scientists and forest experts mainly from Slovakia and Poland, also from Czech Republic and Germany. Main focus will be ecology of Capercaillie species and  optimal capercaillie-friendly forest managemet. Information and experiences will be presented in the form of seminars and posters.

2. Workshop  of experts (2nd of March 2012, Rajecké Teplice, SK)

Experts will discuss the  capercaillie-friendly forest management. They will prepare steps for conservation, connection and enlargement of capercaillie‘s habitat, which can be applied in the forest management in the mountain forests of Visegrad countries. The agreed principles will be used in a book of methodology – a „decission support tool“ for the forest management.

3. Edition of the general manual and book of methodology  (May and June 2012)

The outputs of the conference and workshop will be processed and used in a general manual and a book of methodology for capercaillie-friendly forest management. Books will be delivered to institutions involved in the forest management of mountain forests and schools.